Chronic cardiometabolic disease a new model of care: a literature review
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Cardiometabolic disease
chronic disease

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Moriel Galarza, K. P., & Nava-González , E. J. (2022). Chronic cardiometabolic disease a new model of care: a literature review. REDCieN, 7(1), 13–23. Retrieved from


The cardiometabolic-based chronic disease model encompasses separate components of an evolving disease, including genetics, environment, and behavior as events prior to the development of ABCD and DBCD, which are primary drivers of adiposity and dysglycemia, leading to cardiometabolic complications, the objective was to summarize the current knowledge about the cardiometabolic-based chronic disease model and the ABCD and DBCD metabolic drivers. The PubMed search was performed. Inclusion criteria: articles published from 2012 to 2022, primary research, clinical trials, randomized trial (RCT), descriptive correlational studies. 64 articles were identified from the selected databases. Four articles met the inclusion criteria, of which this study is integrated. Recognizing chronic cardiometabolic-based diseases that include insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and micro and macro vascular complications require a comprehensive risk assessment in various populations, in addition to a focus on prevention with the aim of provide education to people.

PDF (Español (España))