Breastfeeding in Chiapas: from the perspective of dietitians
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López Zúñiga, E. J., & García Estrada, H. del C. (2024). Breastfeeding in Chiapas: from the perspective of dietitians . REDCieN, 10, 06–10. Retrieved from


Breastfeeding in Mexico has been the subject of attention and study due to its importance for child health and development. It has been widely recognized as the optimal way to feed babies during the first months of life and is actively promoted nationally and internationally. It is important to examine the situation of breastfeeding in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, through the review of previous research on this topic.

The problems facing the practice of breastfeeding in the region have been identified, since many mothers have limited knowledge about the benefits of breast milk, which contributes to a low rate of exclusive breastfeeding. Additionally, culturally, there is a tendency to introduce solid foods to babies' diets from a very early age. On the other hand, there is a lack of adequate training on breastfeeding among health professionals, as well as a lack of awareness to provide continuous support to mothers during this crucial stage.

In conclusion, despite the efforts made, breastfeeding statistics have not shown a significant increase in the region. Furthermore, the low participation of dietitians in the multidisciplinary health team in charge of caring for the mother and newborn stands out, which underlines the need for greater integration of these professionals in the health care system to improve practice of breastfeeding in Chiapas.

PDF (Español (España))