Influence of social networks in public health
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Public health
social networks

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Reyes-Garcia , M. A., López-S, V. G. ., Garcia-Martínez, Y. A., & Valenzuela-Rubio, N. G. (2024). Influence of social networks in public health. REDCieN, 10, 22–31. Retrieved from


Globally (2023) the total number of social network users has increased by more than 1 billion new users since the beginning of the pandemic. There is no doubt that social networks have brought in recent years great benefits in terms of communication and information exchange. However, all users can issue opinions on any topic without having the credentials to do so, which can be detrimental to public health. Patients arrive for consultation with tremendous misinformation, which puts their health at risk. As nutrition professionals, we must promote informed decision-making among our patients. Social media provides a new dimension to health care, offering a platform used by the public, patients and health professionals to communicate about health problems with the possibility of improving health outcomes through health information based on the best available scientific evidence in an ethical and responsible manner, leaving clear messages without conflicts of interest.

PDF (Español (España))