Vol. 9 (2023): Scientific Journal: Volume 9 - january-june 2023
Scientific Journal: Volume 9 - january-june 2023

The Journal of Science and Nutrition (REDCieN) is a scientific journal sponsored by the Mexican College of Dieticians A.C. It publishes original articles, author's opinions (reviews), systematic reviews, editorials, technical reports, conference manuscripts, and poster abstracts of academic-scientific events related to nutrition and health. In this ninth volume, the role that nutrition plays in Mexican sports, the commitment of nutritionists to planetary health, nutritional approach for patients with chronic kidney disease, as well as the final report of the management of Dr. Adriana Zambrano as president of the Mexican College of Nutritionists during 2021-2023.


Renata Rivera-Flores, Edna J. Nava-González, Martha Kaufer-Horwitz, Claudia Hunot-Alexander, Nancy G. Valenzuela-Rubio
Dieticians' commitments to planetary health
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Author's opinion (Review)

Valeria Cárdenas-Salas, Adriana Hernández-del Rio, Enrique Cervantes-Pérez, Karla Gómez-Becerra, Miguel Robledo-Valdez
Mediterranean diet and aerobic exercise on chronic kidney disease: a practical approach
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